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best j2 fic

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best j2 fic

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    Title: Salt and Blood Author: emebalia Fandom: Supernatural/Dexter. Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Dexter Morgan, Debra Morgan. Rating: R

    lady_windermere | Entries tagged with j2.

    Hi there Just the other day, when I finished my most recent Jē Fic, I was wondering "What am I gonna write now?" I wanted to write a shorter fic - because once in
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    best j2 fic

    fics_by_lindsay: 6 Lessons to Live By.

    These are the final recs from Big Bang. From hils Title: Here's Fragging You, Kid Author: purequicksilver Summary: The Professional Gamers AU: Jensen "Frakles" Ackles
    Title: 6 Lessons to Live By (As Told By Jared Padalecki) Author: strippedpink Characters: JA/JP, J2, Padackles (Best. Word. EVER.) Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 11, 605
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    Sido 1000 Fragen Video lady_windermere | Entries tagged with j2.
    The term crack is used to signify stories that are so strangely insane they can only be written and read under the influence of heavy drugs i.e. you'd have to be on
    lady_windermere | Entries tagged with j2.
    I kind of like this little story! Title: Once In A Blue Moon Authors: eviltwin Summary: Jared's an ordinary, not overly popular student who makes an innocent but